You are a dynamic person. A powerhouse. But yet your home or office has become a sore spot.

You find yourself coming home at the end of the day or sitting at your desk feeling embarrassed – fraud-like even. Because you are on top of it for family, career, friends – you name it – but you find yourself doing it all from a soul-sucking space.

You find yourself wasting time, energy, and money at work or at home continuously rearranging and “re-piling” the piles. And you keep wondering how you can make your space work for you.  Creating an environment that helps you be that successful, force of nature presence.

When you get real about reinventing your space, it ricochets into your entire life for a confidence and productivity you’ve never felt before. And it’s more than just clearing the clutter. It’s about understanding what your space is telling you and using it as rocket fuel for personal growth and professional success. That’s where Jennifer Phelps comes in.

Jennifer brings fresh, honest, and insightful eyes to your worn out spaces. She’s committed to helping you create a space that always helps your success and never hinders it.

She’ll use her 4 Tier Signature Process to create & support the life you want in a space that’s Beautiful, Organized, Inspiring & Awesome – like YOU!

Discovery Call

Suffering from clutter, chaos, or just soul-sucking home/office blech? I WANT to hear all about it – seriously! You’re invited to share a free chat with me. Together we’ll gain some clarity on your issue/s and craft a Biggest Bang, actionable take-away.

Deep Dive Consultation

Just like it sounds – in person or by phone, we get to the crux of the issue, prioritize and hatch your area-by-area SatisfAction Plan, ready for you to DIY or move forward with me; usually $247 (partial credit toward purchase of future program).

Hot Spot Redux

We start with the Deep Dive then put that SatisfAction Plan into action! We zero in on a space or a system that’s making you crazy and transform that Hot Spot into your Sweet Spot; starts at $597

Reinvention Intervention

The Hot Spot Redux plus, plus, PLUS! For multiple or integrated spaces and systems, remodel plans, move in/move out, estate or other larger projects – this was made for you; starts at $1497.

Hot Line Access

For those who can’t get enough or want post-reinvention follow up, support and accountability; starts at $50/mo.

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Looking for a public speaker to inspire your event or SUPERgroup?

Jennifer Phelps can help! Read more about Speaking Engagements or click here to get in touch.

Your Stuff

We’ll work through Your Stuff, literally and figuratively. Nitty gritty decluttering, purging, sorting and consolidating. We’ll create personalized solutions that work for YOU. Once we discover your true treasures and let go of things that bring you down, you’ll by surrounded by what you use and love, those things that tell the story of the personal and professional super star you TRULY are.

Your Story

Because working through stuff is nothing without context, we’ll want to understand your habits and your lifestyle, how you use your space. But I also want to understand Your Story – the good, the bad and the ugly. Your stuff tells your story. Do you like the story your stuff telling you about yourself?

Your Space

And we’ll craft Your Space. If your stuff is organized but your space is uninspiring, we’ll redesign it for beauty and flow, to reflect YOUR style and taste.

Your Vision

Once we’ve cleared your space, we can tackle that honey-do list and create a design, a plan and a budget for you to accomplish bigger projects and manifest
Your Vision all on your own timeline.


What I bring to every project to help you Own. Your. MOJO!

Consulting & coaching for home, office & lifestyle; organizing; design & flow; directed DIY; contractor referrals & oversight; project management; love, support, ass kicking, probably some pretty bad jokes & more!

Look No Further. Get Started Today.

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