Ever noticed that digging through your closet is like an archeological expedition into your psyche?
Whoa, what?!
Well, I’m speaking metaphorically. Sort of. Think of it like this…
We tend to surround ourselves with things that reflect our identity and document our life in all its glorious, as well as grody phases. This happens consciously and unconsciously. For most women – and many men – nowhere is that more clearly demonstrated than in our closet, where we can literally dig through layer upon layer of our personal history.
Right now, for example, you might be going through a big life transition or grieving the loss of someone you love or dealing with an illness…
Maybe there’s been a big shakeup at work – that promotion you’ve always wanted finally happened or your business is growing super fast…
And your home or office has just become too much to deal with.
I know, because I’ve been there!
What I know to be true for myself and for every single client who has ever worked with me is that when we consciously choose to reinvent our environment, it powerfully impacts our entire life – health, relationships, career, self-worth and beyond.
The humble closet can be a great place to start because it’s so personal and emotional, like a Reader’s Digest Condensed version (here’s the metaphor thing again) of our own underlying story. That’s why enlisting some honest, trusted support can be the key to taking that first step toward healing your past and fueling your fab future.
So let’s start with a chat. Yep, just a chat. About your closet or office or wherever your history lives.
  • Get crystal clear on the one space that’s keeping you stuck while uncovering the story you’ve been telling yourself.
  • Craft your “Biggest Bang” with one actionable take-away you can implement today to instantly revitalize the space.
  • Ask your specific questions, voice challenges, and current roadblocks with someone who is ready and excited to help you create change.
This is a great way to find out if we would be a good match to work together. And no matter what, it’s my goal to leave you with more clarity and confidence, as well as solid steps that will work for you.
Reinvent your space AND reinvent your Self…
Can’t wait to chat!
P.S. Want to take back 25% of your closet right now? Take a peek into my unique process in this quick, 2-minute video.

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