Whew, what a crazy few weeks it’s been!

You may know that I moved in with my Guy not too long ago. I’d done the major purging and organizing right away but hadn’t made up my mind on paint colors and décor plans for several spaces. My Home To Do List was a mile long, but my Solopreneur Biz To Do List feels like a marathon every day so, like the old saying about the cobbler’s kids, making progress on my house list was slow going.

And then a few short weeks ago, my Guy’s beautiful, pregnant daughter said the location they’d chosen for the Baby Shower had fallen through, so…? Of course we said, “Oh-my-gosh-yes-you-can-absolutely-have-it-here-we’re-so-excited-we-can’t-wait!”

As soon as she left I looked at the house, then at my calendar and said, “Oh, shit.”

Suddenly, it was my Home To Do List that looked like the marathon. There was A LOT to do before we hosted a crowd for such a precious and momentous event. Did I mention that we had a trip to Chicago smack in the middle of prep time?

So we repaired, wired, painted, designed, traveled, tiled, shopped, hung, cleaned, weeded, raked, potted, planted, fluffed and yes, even stashed a few things (don’t tell!). I even posted my One-Day Bathroom Facelift, I was so proud of myself. Then we moved furniture to accommodate 50 people and decorated. It looked just about perfect!

Looking around at all we accomplished, I’m amazed. Where did the time come from? Where did the energy come from? We summoned superhuman stamina, it seems, and in a couple short weeks I’d ticked a TON of significant projects off my list. And it feels FANTASTIC! Now I’m kicking back and enjoying our handiwork.

What’s on your To Do List? Do you need a fire lit under your butt to get a bunch done? Do you have so many things jockeying for your attention that it’s hard to prioritize? Or maybe one facet of your life demands so much attention that the others fade into the background until something MAKES you change course, even for a short time? Setting a deadline and holding yourself to account is a magical thing. It has power that day-to-day momentum (or inertia) lacks.

What I Will Do for You: Call me, email me, message me what projects are on your To Do List, tell me your deadline (even if you just make one up). I’ll hold you to it and even share photos of your project.

As for me, my rest will be short because now I’ve got a nursery to paint!

Here’s to Deadlines and getting stuff done! Jennifer

P.S. Click here for links to my One-Day Bathroom Facelift and my Postcard from the Windy City.


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