Is Spring Cleaning still even a “thing”? You know, that Old School event when Grandma pulled absolutely everything out and gave it a good whack and a scrub? My Tucson Morning Blend segment and blog answer all your burning Spring Cleaning questions…




Turns out, yes, it is. It may surprise you to know that, according to the SpareFoot, 45% of people nationwide look forward to annual spring cleaning. It may not surprise you at all, however, that the other 55% say they’d rather do taxes instead!

Growing up in the Midwest, it was a thing in our family. But now, in my busy modern life and having lived in climates without a true “Spring” since I was 21, the tradition is no longer part of my routine. The all-at-once deal just doesn’t fit for me. The drawback, though, to spreading “deep cleaning” across the year is that we’re much more likely to miss spots that really, really shouldn’t be missed. The way I see it, Grandma was onto something: one way or another, you really DO need to clean it all. 

My solution? Add one or two deep cleaning tasks to my regular cleaning routine, so those once-a-year spots get their necessary whacking and scrubbing through the course of the year.

Whichever camp you’re in – love it or hate it, springtime or over time, my Tucson Morning Blend segment is chock full of tips about overlooked nooks and clever cranny cleaning hacks.

Plus check out these fun spring cleaning factoid graphics from my friends over at the SpareFoot >>>>. And if you feel like getting serious, here’s a thorough and doable 30 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist by the smart folks at Good Housekeeping.

Happy Homemaking, Jennifer

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