What If “Getting Organized” Had the Power to Strengthen Your Personal Relationships & Fuel Your Professional Success?

Let me let you in on a lil’ secret: it totally has that kind of power.

Here’s how I help your audience get started…

• Dispel the shame around “mess.” Using my own self-work and story, I make it relatable + possible to get clear and organized – without a second of judgement or guilt.

• Uncover what your piles and possessions are really telling you! How your closet, office, room in your home – even “that” drawer in your kitchen can be a powerful tool that heals your past and ignites your present.

• Immediately save you time and money. Disorganization costs you money. Period. Smart and savvy ways to create change so your space always helps your success – and never hinders it!

• Bring a fresh and down-to-earth approach to creating better systems for your home or office with enthusiasm, energy, and a whole lotta’ humor (and more than a few corny jokes)!

• Introduce a doable 4-Tier Signature Process to get you crystal clear about your story, your stuff, your space – and your vision to create a space that will amaze you – even in the dark!

When you get real about saying goodbye (and good riddance!) to a soul-sucking space, it ricochets into your entire life for a confidence and productivity you’ve never felt before. And it’s more than just clearing the clutter. It’s about understanding what your space is telling you and using it as rocket fuel for personal growth and professional success.

Reinvent your space – reinvent yourSELF!

Word on the Street About Me as A Keynote Speaker

“I have been privileged to have Jennifer speak at several events on different topics including decluttering your home, your space, and your life! We’ve learned so much from her educating talks about how the things and people you allow into your space directly impact your effectiveness, emotions and ability to work and live in a more productive manner. As an emcee for our larger events. I asked Jennifer to be this important figure as it sets the stage, energy and enthusiasm for the event, which she offers in a way no one else can! I would highly recommend Jennifer Phelps for anyone looking for a dynamic, motivational and inspirational speaker. The audience will always walk away with valuable information they can use and a feeling of being wowed by not only her information but also her inspiration.” – J. Phillips, CEO Gateway Coaching and Consulting and Founder Good to Glam Women’s Professional Organization


Many thanks for a presentation that went above and beyond expectations. Your insights about our relationship to our “stuff” were really eye-opening, and your methods for dealing with clutter and sorting out piles were simple and practical… Thanks again for a giving a fabulous and insightful look into how our thought processes get in the way of organizing our life.
– The Beta Group


I went to a one hour presentation given by Jennifer and learned so much about how to declutter! She made me feel comfortable about getting rid of some of my junk and taught me how to figure out what I should keep vs. toss. She’s a fun person to listen to and gives such great advice. I would love to work with her someday on organizing my house. Her before and after pictures are amazing! – Lisa Bermudez Benson

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