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Mother’s Day is on the horizon and you’re wondering what to get the woman who has everything (or maybe too much of everything?). No doubt you’ve been reading my blog and had an epiphany against proliferating that nasty clutter. Yay! But when it comes to the usual gift ideas, you’re left with – Nothing. Nada. Bupkis.

To that I say – Hey, hey, no way! The options are rich and varied. All you’ve gotta do is Look & Listen for the clues to gift ideas that are personal and meaningful. Here are some tips to get you started…

Give Her Things She Actually Uses. I mean, if she uses Arbonne or Mary Kay, seriously, don’t get her a junky ol’ toiletries basket. Pay attention to her interests and hobbies. Is Grandma curious about astrology? Wine tasting? Does Mom watch home improvement or cooking shows? The clues are there!

Give Her Practical Gifts. Don’t underestimate the value of doing something she needs, is putting off, might not have money or time to do. Are you handy? Fix or build something around her house. Does she complain about her dirty car? Get it detailed. Notice, is her faucet leaking? Call WeGottaGuy to hire a plumber (or handyman or housecleaner or…). Or maybe she could use a professional organizer? *wink wink*

Give Her Experiential Gifts. Brunch and dinner are nice, but how about kicking it up a notch? (I’m giving shout outs here to some of my favorite Tucson locations and people, but you can check the intertoobs for your town’s awesome offerings.) Make her a “gift certificate” for your special gift that she can use on her own or share with you.

  • She’s interested in plants, nature or art? How about a trip to Tohono Chul, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Desert Museum, Tucson Museum of Art? They all have restaurants and tons of special activities. Today at the Botanical Gardens alone, you can do Beauty, Brunch, Butterflies AND marvel at the Frida Kahlo exhibit! Or make your gift last by giving her a membership so she can enjoy these lovely places all year long.
  • Does she like wine? There are several tasting rooms in town, but how about calling Majestic Limousines for a stress-free, feel-like-a-rock-star Wine Tasting Tour through Sonoita or Willcox?
  • Is Mom a life-long learner? Take a cooking or craft class together through Parks & Rec.
  • Painting & Wine places are all the rage for groups. Elevate the experience at Artistic Expressions Under Glass, a truly unique and intimate class taught by artist Bonnie Pisik in her personal studio, creating a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind piece (wow!).
  • Pampering is always good – the mani/pedi/facial is always a winner. But how about a private bra fitting?! (Yes, I said “bra fitting,” and it’s awesome!) Margo Hall and her brand new Bra Spa turns a miserable task into a fun, girls’ night out private fitting party. 
  • Does your matriarch love to journal? Has she ever wanted to write her life story? How about gifting her a Tell Your Story Workshop with the incredible Susan Smith?
  • Make Mom feel like a kid again with tickets to her favorite band from back in the day at AVA, The Fox or Rialto. Encourage her to dance and sing and embarrass the heck out of her kids!

Take Time to Reminisce. I know that not everyone still has their Mom or Grandma and might be missing them on Mother’s Day. But there are ways to feel connected on her special day.

  • Host a brunch for the extraordinary women – family, friends, mentors – who have made an impact on your life.
  • Consider volunteering at a women’s shelter or job training program to help another mom make a better life for her family.
  • Give a donation in Mom’s name to her favorite charity.
  • Or take time with your own children to go through family photos or do with them something you and your mom or grandma especially enjoyed doing together.

Whatever you do with your Mom, the greatest gift will always be your time and attention that express your love and appreciation for all she is and does.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours!


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