(Alternate title: The Best Laid Plans)

My Guy and I planned to kick 2018 off with a real BANG! We took the week off between Christmas and New Year and had a list of all the things we intended to do. We were going to reboot and recharge. We had slated a mini-business retreat so we could each create next year’s big biz plans. We planned to clean out the garage (yeah, that’s our black hole), catch up on all the movies we’ve missed, play with the new grandbaby, spend time with friends, spend time together, oh, and get lots of sleep too.

Yeah, I know. You don’t have to be a math whiz to realize there’s NO WAY we could possibly fit all of that into a week bracketed by two big holidays. But we were determined to pull off our productive, fun, Zen kind of week!

Instead… we got sick. My Guy was hit Christmas morning. Flu with fever, chills, aches and all-encompassing misery. I was sick, but not as sick as him, utterly exhausted and taking care of both of us. Suddenly our beautiful time was filled with non-stop anti-germ warfare and lots of nothing but laying around.

I’d intended to use the time to set the tone for my business, regenerate myself and enjoy our coupleness. When my big plans fell flat, it felt like a failure. My year had started off-kilt, unprepared, under quarantine, un-fun and decidedly un-Zen. In my superstitious mind it felt like a bad omen for how the rest of the year would be. Ugh!

Commiserating with my bestie tonight she told me Neil deGrasse Tyson says, cosmically speaking, a new year is nothing but another spin in space. HA! I had to laugh at myself. I mean seriously, the 3rd day of the year really is a bit premature to decide the entire year is doomed, right?!

With a chuckle and a Milky Way-sized reality check, I decided to embrace the advice I always give my clients: ANY time is a good time to tackle the goals you’ve set for yourself – today, tomorrow, next Tuesday, next month, whenever. Just make a note to yourself why you got off track, don’t feel guilty, and start again.

My Guy and I will do our mini-retreat next weekend. This year we’ll commit to more movie nights and time with friends. And we can’t wait to make up time with that grandbaby! Maybe our messed up plan wasn’t so bad. After all, we did accomplish one thing we’d set out to do – we sure got a lot of sleep.

Wishing you a happy new year and the happiest you!

If you need a hand getting some perspecitve on YOUR new year, I’m here for you. (*psssst* call me for your free Discovery Call, or click the pretty ticket below…)

Love, Jennifer

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