Recently, I met a woman at a conference – a super busy single mom and entrepreneur. When she asked me what I do, her eyes got big and she burst out, “Oh, my gosh, I NEED you!” She said she and her two young boys were quickly outgrowing their home, they needed space fast and just couldn’t find it.

“Reeeeeally?,” I replied, my little reinventionist heart all aflutter, “I bet we can find you some…” 

And we did! Virtually out of thin air I found a study space, a reading nook, a project space (for things like volcano experiments, because everyone needs that, right?) PLUS tons of storage – designed to make her and her boys happy, organized and inspired EVERY day.

“How on earth did you do that, Jen?!” Find out exactly how in this 2:34 minute video (it’s a really good video!). 

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