Meditation For The Mentally Cluttered

Meditation For The Mentally Cluttered

This is an article from the Huffpost that I just had to share. I don't usually post other people's stuff in my blog, but this was so right on that I had to. This is my favorite topic because helping clear your interior AND your exterior clutter is what I do!...

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Can we pleeeaase stop saying the word “organize”?

Why, you ask?

Because it’s so much bigger than just tidying up…

Chances are, you’ve spent too much time and money already on clearing the clutter + continuously “re-piling” the piles only to find the space somehow goes right back to chaos and disorder.

So what is it about then? (Great question!)

It’s about reinventing your space. It’s about uncovering the story your stuff is currently telling you and then transforming that space (and that story!) to one that makes the day-to-day easier while fueling your bigger picture. It's about liberating and being your Best Self!

And don’t just take my word for it…

Recently, I helped one entrepreneur and single mom transform a space from heartbreak to a room where she and her boys are making joyful memories every single day.

You’ll never think of a dining room the same way again.

Watch now.. .

Because here’s the thing: your space doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) look like everyone else’s. What you need for productivity, motivation and joy may be completely different than someone else’s.

Relying on some cookie cutter ideas about organization just isn't gonna cut it for you.

( See what I did there?)

That’s why I invite you to chat with me. I call it The Discovery Call .

During this 30-minute call…

* Get crystal clear on the space that’s keeping you the most stuck while uncovering the story you’ve been telling yourself. (This is the key we often can’t fully see by ourselves!)
* Craft your “Biggest Bang” with one actionable take-away you can implement today to instantly revitalize the space and your mindset.
* Ask your specific questions, voice challenges and current roadblocks with someone who is ready and excited to help you create change.

And because I want you to see how simple it really can be when you get real about reinventing your soul sucking space, the chat is on me. 520.203.3269

You’ll walk away with a fresh outlook, solid steps to get started and a serious boost in motivation and confidence.

I’d say that’s 30 minutes worth taking, right?

Reinvent your space - reinvent your Self…

Schedule your call now...

Can't wait to talk with you!

P.S. If you can't find your perfect time slot, email me and we'll make one just for you.

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You're never too old (or too young). Isn't that a good thing?

You know, it's not "quitting" to dump a goal that stresses you out if it no longer serves you. Free yourself! What new goal or dream would you make room for?

Happy Wednesday! Love, Jennifer
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