If you’re a professional woman or entrepreneur, you may rule an empire at work but have completely lost control of your closet! If you’re gearing up (again?) to tackle your big, scary, cluttery closet, check out my tips in this awesome little (2:25mins)  video.
Tip #1:  It’s all about MINDSET, my friend!

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Clearing out that closet. Why is it so dang hard? It’s hard because it’s PERSONAL. Digging through our closet is like an archaeological expedition into our psyche. We identify our possessions with ourselves – our past accomplishments, joys and sorrows. So getting rid our stuff can feel like we’re getting rid of parts of ourselves. 

And we are! But, hey, isn’t it time to do just that?

What about those “skinny jeans” you keep in your closet to “inspire” you to lose weight. Does seeing them every morning as you dress for success TRULY inspire you? Or do they just make you feel bad about yourself *100 times* before you’re even out the door? Honestly?!

A Little Perspective: Try this exercise I did with a client. Her closet was PACKED. She’d been through a lot and kept clothes as reminders. But the boring, outdated clothes didn’t reflect the smart, strong, funny woman I know. So, I taped up a photo of a KICKY little jacket that she wanted then held each old item up to the picture. “If you had to make room for one of these things, which would it be?” Wow… illuminating! She finally saw what she’d been doing to herself and was ready to let her past go.

Set Up Your Process: Yes, there are several approaches to this and you have Kon Mari visions but only a busy professional’s schedule. I know you’re busy, so try this:

  • Get a large bag
  • Commit to doing just 10 minutes a day. PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR. Do one drawer, one shelf, one row at a time, once a day or even once a week. What you remove, put in the bag.
  • Bit by bit try on every single thing to see if it really fits you – your coloring, personality, style and lifestyle. If it doesn’t, put it in the bag.
  • Do you have 4 of the same thing? Put one in the bag. Wow! You’ve just reclaimed 25% of the space.
  • Last, give it away: both the “stuff” and the “parts” that aren’t serving you anymore.

Take Away: Embrace the process and appreciate those archaeological layers. Dig deep! Do these few things and gain room to breath and, like my very happy client, room for a kicky little jacket – or two.


Happy digging,
happy liberating!


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