Hello, Friends!
I’m going to give you a ringside seat for an actual conversation that took place recently at our house…
Him: This shirt doesn’t fit. One of these days I’ll have to go through my closet.
Me(interior eye roll. well, honestly, most likely, a very dramatic external eyeroll with equally dramatic sigh – if ONLY he knew someone who did this sort of thing for a living) You know, you could just get rid of that shirt right now.
Him: I know. I keep meaning to go through…
Me: HERE! Just put it in HERE! 
And that was the birth of the Give It Basket. A simple solution to the “one-of-these-days-I’m-going-to-do-the-whole-closet/dresser/whatever-so-I’ll-just-put-this-thing-back-in-the-closet/dresser/whatever-over-and-over-again-until-someday” syndrome.
If you’ve ever worked with me, heard me speak or had the misfortune to get stuck talking to me at a cocktail party, you know I’m BIG into making purging and donating a part of DAILY LIFE. Make it easy, make it doable, make it top of mind, make it a habit. No need to wait for SOMEDAY to get that whatever-it-is out of your space, out of your way and out of your mind.
Because clutter makes you GO out of your mind. So instead of putting it off, just take it off and toss it in a pretty bin or basket, next to your hamper or someplace it can blend with the decor. And then GIVE IT to the charity of your choice – on the way to work, soccer practice or the grocery store.
You say “I don’t have room for that.” But I challenge you: how much room is your clutter taking up? Are you willing to give a tiny space in order to gain yourself BIG space? Try it. Make it a game for the whole family to see how quickly you can fill your first one. Make it a “rule” not to put junk back, but to get it out AT THAT MOMENT.
We both use it at our house now (yes, even he uses it) and it’s super easy. So, TAG, you’re it! Try it and let me know how your Give-It Basket goes. Even better, send me your photos and I’ll share them in a future post!
Happy Giving,
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