Your home should make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and awesome, not stressed, overwhelmed or embarrassed. If your space is getting you down, a call to me is like Couple’s Counseling for You and Your Home! Whether you need organizing, design or an objective chat about your stuff and the story it’s telling you, I’ll help you create a space you’ll love!

Is it mostly “stuff” that runs rough-shod over your peace of mind? Is clutter making you waste time, energy and money at work or at home? “Stuff is just stuff,” you say. So why is it that you’ve spent hours moving it around, even ruthlessly purged before, but still find yourself at odds with your possessions and piles? Actually, stuff is not just stuff – it’s memories, events and people unprocessed. No wonder it’s hard! But together we’ll shine some light into the dark corners, seek out your true treasures and discover your liberation. I make getting organized fun. Seriously – fun!



The activities or creative projects you love?



Do you have the same argument over and over about your stuff?


Wasting Time?

Are you losing time trying to find things?

Has design got you stymied? Your home flow won’t go? If you’ve gone cross-eyed from trying to arrange rooms or color blind from looking at tile samples and paint swatches, keep calm and call me. From remixes to remodels, I’ll bring fresh eyes to your worn out spaces.

Whatever your issue, I’m your Secret Weapon.

Together we’ll Reinvent Your Space – Reinvent Your SELF!

Not So Sure You Need Help?

“But wait a minute,” you say, “I should be able to do this myself. I’m a dynamic person, a powerhouse, on top of everything at work and for family.” And yet, your home? Ugh. It’s a sore spot, a frustration, or maybe just doesn’t feel like “you.” It’s certainly not a space that recharges your batteries, boosts your confidence, supports your success or reflects your best Self back to you. I know. I’ve been there. I understand there are many things that can make “home” a sticky place: a busy career, a move, health issues, starting or ending a relationship, life transitions of all sorts, a painful personal story, or just… LIFE.

Many Awesome Tools in My Tool Belt:

  • My Skill, Heart & Humor
  • Specializing in serving Professional Women & Entrepreneurs
  • Personalized Organizing Programs: shoulder-to-shoulder, accountability, virtual
  • Manifesting Your Happy Place & Creative Space
  • Helping Discover Your Design Voice: remixes to remodels
  • Home Sale Prep: move strategy, repairs & staging
  • Project Management
  • A Network of reliable, skilled Handypeople & Contractors
  • Closet, Pantry & Storage Design
  • Public Speaking & Workshops
  • Licensed & Insured & BBB accredited

Awww...thank you!

The decision to call Jennifer was one of the best I have ever made. She provided guidance and the support for establishing a home space right from the get-go, and this continued throughout the project…She does far more than organize and design spaces.

Cheryl Lord-Hernandez

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